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February's Television Show Renewals & Cancellations!

February has come and gone. So has some television shows! Here's the latest information about what television shows have been renewed or cancelled.  Renewals The OA (Netflix) renewed for season 2 Love (Netflix) renewed for season 3 Travelers (Netflix) renewed for season 2 Trollhunters (Netflix) renewed for season 2 Grey's Anatomy (ABC) How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) Scandal (ABC) Lucifer (FOX) renewed for season 3 Superstore (NBC) renewed for season 3 Tangled: The Series (Disney) renewed for season 2 Goliath (Amazon) renewed for season 2 The Royals (E!) renewed for 4th season The Mick (FOX) renewed for season 2 Lethal Weapon (FOX) renewed for season 2 Star (FOX) renewed for season 2 The Circus (Showtime) renewed for season 2 Feud (FX) renewed for season 2 Cancellations Please Like Me (Hulu) Doubt (CBS) Incorporated (Syfy) * Outlander (Season 3) was pushed back to September 2017. Is there any show that was cancelled that you are bu

The Bachelor Season 21 - Week 9 (Part One).

Hello, my little Busy Bees! Here's week 9's recap for you. I have my graduate class on Monday nights so generally I enter the episode halfway and start from the beginning on my DVR. I sat down this evening and looked at my DVR. The episode tonight was only one hour?! How is it one hour? Does that mean there's one tomorrow as well or what? I guess I'll find out during the commercial breaks. Anyways, I'm excited to hear what Andi says... as well as excited to find out who went home. My guesses this week is that Raven or Corinne goes home. Then it'll be whoever doesn't, Vanessa, and Rachel. I think Rachel will go home third. 

The Bachelor Season 21 - Week 8.

The end of the last episode ended with a bunch of unsure feelings from the ladies. I'm surprised that Kristina was sent home. I don't think that more girls will be sent home. I think that Raven or Corinne will go home this week. That's my bet. Let's see how it goes. I really want Vanessa to end up with Nick! 

5 New Netflix Shows - February Edition

Need a new show this month? You can always refer back to my previous post about my 10 recommendations of what to watch on Netflix... but here is what is new to Netflix in February in case you have watched all of those. Well, five of them.

The Bachelorette! Season 13's Reveal!

I asked Twitter who they thought the new Bachelorette was going to be. They had the following choices. I'm hoping for Rachel! SEASON 13'S BACHELORETTE IS... RACHEL!

The Bachelor Season 21 - Week 7.

At the end of the episode, they eluded that Nick was giving up, but we all know otherwise. There is a rumor that Rachel will be the next Bachelorette. I would be so into that. I believe Rachel will be the second or third to go. I'm still rooting for Nick and Vanessa love. I'll be posting soon after this episode about who I think will be going home in order. I completely understand Nick is scared and upset about the process, but he needs to just stick it out another four weeks. Or talk to the women. These women really care about him. Anyways, let's go! Next week is hometowns!

The Bachelor Season 21 - Week 6.

I am so interested in watching this episode. I hope and pray that Corinne get sent home or at least that Nick gives Taylor a second to spew her truth. This season has been really boring in comparison to the other three season of Bachelor nation shows I've seen. I keep rooting on Nick in his hope for love, but it seems to be one thing after another. So fingers crossed! We only have this week and four (or five if they decide to extend it one more) more episodes. And I hope we have a rose ceremony tonight for week 6!

The Woes of One Vehicle

In July 2016, our beloved Spectra decided to start giving us trouble. It was over 100,000 miles. It was a reliable care for the over two years we had it. It was time for a change. My husband was changing jobs soon and there was a small pay increase. Initially, we wanted to look for a used vehicle that was reliable just as our Spectra. I wanted to buy new, though, because I did not want to "inherit someone else's problems" and Kia has a great new car warranty.  So we left the dealership after two days of back and forth with a brand new 2016 Kia Soul. I like to refer to my car as my "Black Soul" because, well, it's funny. I was ecstatic. It was black. It had a back-up camera. It had Sirius radio. It had cruise control. It pretty much had everything that my Kia Spectra did not. It was fantastic, especially considering that most importantly of all... it had more space. The Kia Soul was everything that I could have wanted. And this was to be *my* car when I fi