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Living in the Past

I'm guilty of it. I know others who are guilty of it. I'm sure you may be guilty of it. 
Here's a test if you are guilty of it.  Do you ever think about how your body looked in high school or prior to a life event (marriage, child, etc.)?  Do you ever think about friends you have lost over the years?  Do you think about how great the old days were?  Do you ever think about all the fun things you used to do as a child?  How happy you used to be? How carefree life used to be? Do you ever wish you could go back to your youth or high school?
If you answered "yes" to 3 or more of those questions, you may live in the past more than the average person. 
I'm definitely guilty of it, probably more so than the average bear. I think about how I used to be thin in high school and prior to high school. Before I had my son, I weighed 30 lbs. less than I do now and I didn't have mom belly. I think about the friends I've lost over the years and how I would love to do…

Life Update: 3/5/18

Hi guys! Here's my monthly life update. Let's break this down now.

Graduate School
I'm in my last semester of graduate school. I'll have a master's degree in like... 2 months. Isn't that crazy? It's only going to be my girl, Sydnee, and I graduating from the program this semester. I've been trying to stay 1-2 weeks ahead of my homework. I haven't even made my study guide for my comprehensive exam. That's the big wall in between my degree and I. I only have 2 months to prepare for that.

Mental Health
I have not started a new anti-depressant yet. My doctor wants to fix my stomach issue before we move on to another issue. I totally understand that. I honestly have felt better now that I've started my treatments for some of my medical problems. Perhaps once I get through surgeries and my other problems get remedied, then my mental health will be better.

General Health
So I have a surgery in April. I had a head CT done. My septum is very deviated. I…

The New House: Before

We bought a house!!!

It is perfect for what we need. We are essentially two households into one house. It's hard to find something is together but separate. We did it though! It's in a good area. It's in the school district I wanted for Jude. It's near delicious food and fun shops. It's seriously everything we wanted (well, Caleb wanted a sauna).

We are in the process right now of cleaning and painting and changing a few things here and there. We are also remodeling the master bathroom upstairs. I wanted to show you guys a little bit of the remodel, but it isn't done yet and probably won't be for another week or two.

But for the difference to make a difference (ha)... you need to see the before. Please do not stalk me.

We have a garage (yay!!) and it's a mid-entry so the splitting aspect is easier. The stairs to the house (and in the house) aren't horrible compared to where we are now.

Living room (upstairs)

Dining room



Jude's ro…

February 2018 Cancellations and Renewals

February is over. So are some of your favorites shows. Some will return for the Spring or Summer season (or even Fall)... some won't return ever again (unless another network revives it). I've been slacking on blogging... and watching television. It's the worst because I love television. Perhaps I'll binge all summer. Here is a list of the cancelled and renewed shows from February 2018! 


A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix) will end next year with season 3. Once Upon A Time (ABC)Disjointed (Netflix)
**Paramount has delayed the March launch of its new series Heathers to later in 2018 as a result of the recent school shooting in Florida. **


BattleBots (Discovery and Science Channel) - RevivedThe Four (FOX) - Season 2Tosh.0 (Comedy Central) - Renewed 3 more seasonsBosch (Amazon) - Season 5No Activity (CBS All Access) - Season 2Grace and Frankie (Netflix) - Season 5Midnight, Texas (NBC) - Season 2Superstore (NBC) -Season 4America's Got Talent (NBC…

When does life give you a break?

As a child, I felt like my days were long. They felt like they would last forever. I had so much time in my day to attend school, play outside, do my homework, watch MTV music video in the morning, watch Toonami or whatever was good at night, play video games, and read a whole book. All in one day!

As an adult, I struggle to manage to fit everything into one day. I find it hard to do multiple tasks into one day. By the evening, I am exhausted. My day felt an hour long but drained a year of energy out of me. I just want one day to do absolutely nothing! I understand... I'm a parent, a teacher, a student, a wife, and a few other roles.

When will I ever get a break?

How do you master the game of life you ask? You don’t. No one really wins but no one really loses either. It’s so filled with ups and downs that even on the highs you’ll hit the lows. It’s so damn complicating and infuriating playing a game you are not going to completely dominate.

But you know what?

You've got this. …

Life Update 2/12

Sorry for such a delay! It's been 10 days since my last post. I wanted to... I really did. I just couldn't. The website I use for my blog doesn't have an app and then my Suddenlink (internet and cable) went down for five days. It was fixed about 20 minutes ago so here I am.

I figured I'd take this time to update everyone on how life is! It's Monday, February 12th. I'm about a month into my last semester of graduate school. Only like two more months left! I've been teaching for a few weeks now too. I've definitely decided this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be a professor. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for an online doctoral program. So, I decided to take a year off since I went directly from my bachelors program to the masters. I'm excited to start this next chapter of my life.

We should be closing on our house within the next month! I cannot wait to move. The house we currently live in has carpet and mold/mildew. It&…