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The Orville (2017) Premiere Review

Seth MacFarlane and I share a few similarities. We were both born on October 26th. We both are fairly liberal. We both love Star Trek. His new creation is The Orville, which premiered this past Sunday (September 10th) on FOX. I was skeptical of this show for a few reasons. It isn't an animated series, which seems to be Seth MacFarlane's specialty. I didn't want it to disgrace scientific fiction or Star Trek. I love Star Trek more than most people I know. I'm not a super fan, but I'm a definite fan. It was a large part of my childhood. The Orville is a comedy. Will it contain the usual slapstick comedy or would I be cracking up the entire episode?  Notes: - I have a feeling that the Doctor will be a sassy woman who creates some soft humor.  - This robot reminds me of Data. Voice and all. The mirroring between Star Trek/TNG and The Orville is uncanny.  - I wonder if Gene Roddenberry would have been proud of this spoof of his work. Or liked it at least. 

Life Snippets: Southwesterncaroginia

This life snippet is about my childhood. The title is a bit off-putting. This is a story about fate. Yes, fate. This mythical sense that things happen for a reason or because it was meant to. From ages 6 until 14, I lived in South Carolina, specifically Myrtle Beach and the surrounding towns. When I was around 11, we moved to a subdivision in Socastee. I adored this house and, even though bad memories happened here, I wish I still lived in it. Back then, hanging outside was still the bee's knees.  I had a few friends neighborhood. This story is about Gloria. Gloria lived down the street, take a right, and her house was on the left before you got close to the Waterway. She was a year or two older than me, but we got along really well. She was the first girl I met that had short hair. I thought that was cool about her. Just like I thought it was cool how she wore makeup, specifically eyeliner. We hung out often, even though her parents were actually a bit mean. I often would ride m