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This life snippet is about my childhood. The title is a bit off-putting. This is a story about fate. Yes, fate. This mythical sense that things happen for a reason or because it was meant to. From ages 6 until 14, I lived in South Carolina, specifically Myrtle Beach and the surrounding towns. When I was around 11, we moved to a subdivision in Socastee. I adored this house and, even though bad memories happened here, I wish I still lived in it. Back then, hanging outside was still the bee's knees.  I had a few friends neighborhood. This story is about Gloria.

Gloria lived down the street, take a right, and her house was on the left before you got close to the Waterway. She was a year or two older than me, but we got along really well. She was the first girl I met that had short hair. I thought that was cool about her. Just like I thought it was cool how she wore makeup, specifically eyeliner. We hung out often, even though her parents were actually a bit mean. I often would ride my bike to her house or she would walk to mine. She introduced me to many things. The most memorable things she introduced me to is Good Charlotte and Sum 41, which we often bonded over our crush on the Madden twins. She loved Benji and I thought Joel was cuter. Agree to disagree, which we often did.

In July 2005, mom and I moved from that beautiful home in Socastee to Enterprise Road. This move moved me from the Forestbrook/Socastee school district to the St. James school district. Even though it was maybe a few miles away. That few miles separated me from many of the friends I had made over a 4 year period. I still only have contact with a few of those people, but I definitely lost contact with a large majority. One of which was Gloria.

I may have left a large detail out about Gloria, which is necessarily to understand the purpose of this story. Without it, you may miss the true plot. Gloria and her family were from West Virginia. I knew this at the time and somehow thought  that West Virginia was full of redneck hillbillies without basic utilities. That's the stereotype that was always told to us in school. Gloria was not like that at all, though. As best friends tend to do, my departing gift from her was a pair of cheap Pom-Poms - the kind you buy from a football or basketball game for way more than they are worth. They were gold and blue - Mountaineers.

There's a reason this is prevalent. Shortly (within a year or so)  after moving to the St. James school district, my mom met a man. This man was crazy and she no longer is with him, thankfully, but he was from Elkins, West Virginia. His family lived there and he was dying to go back. I started high school at St. James High in 2006. I only went there for a few months before we packed up and moved to West Virginia. And I've lived here ever since.

It could be coincidence. It could be fate. I just always thought how weird and interesting life is - dropping hints along the way.


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