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December 2017 Series

Did you know that tomorrow starts December? I'm going to try to post every single day this month with tips and tricks to prepare for the new year. So stay tuned and subscribe!


Traditions are the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. Traditions were very important to families, but arguably, there has been a lack of traditions in recent years. Traditions are one of the many things that make the holidays bearable or enjoyable. Traditions can be done any time any day, but they usually center around holidays or significant times. In my family, we used to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade every Thanksgiving morning and eat Chinese/Hibachi every Thanksgiving night. The next day, we would put up our Christmas tree. Putting up the Christmas tree in itself holds a lot of memories from when I was a child. It was a special thing between my mother and I. In the last decade, we haven't done as much as far as our traditions. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and this fact has made me reevaluate a few things. One of those things are the traditions that were so impor


I have always been a person who is amazed by death. When someone dies, I like to read the obituaries because cause of death has always been something that interests me. I guess this would explain why I got a degree in criminal justice and enjoy talking about statistics, especially about violence and death.  When a person dies, I want to know how they died. I find it interesting that each person has their own narrative. They have their own story. This is the end of their story, unless you include their legacy as their epilogue.  Today, I found out an old professor of mine had died. I really loved biological science courses in my undergraduate years. This professor was one of the faculty for BSC. Our class sizes were large so I never spent time with him one-on-one, but in the class, I knew he loved what he did because of how he talked about it. He had a wife and children. He was taken tragically. I spent about three hours just researching how he lived and how he died. I cried for a p


This has been the theme of the last few days: self-worth. Self-worth is the sense of one's own value or worth as a person, otherwise known as self-esteem or self-respect. Each person values themselves differently, but (especially nowadays) it seems that more people seem to have low self-worth. I've always had low self-worth. As a child, I dealt with bullying and abuse. As a teen, I dealt with crappy boyfriends and abuse. As an adult, I deal with a whole new set of troubles. During my teens, the internet became increasingly popular. The days of hanging out in person or having phone conversations for hours seemed to disappear slowly and then all at once. An important part of conversations is the non-verbal cues or gestures from another person. Without that, it almost feels like any conversation is open to interpretation when it comes to tone and intent. The lack of face-to-face communication is starting to destroy this and I believe it caused a new general uncertainty when it

Update on Goals and Resolutions (11/2017)

Goals and Resolutions for 2017 Marathon/Run .  I would like to either run in a marathon or a fun-run type activity. I am not good at running or walking for that matter, so that is one thing I'd like to do in 2017. Niagara Falls .  The farthest north I have ever been is Connecticut. I would love to travel to Niagara Falls and just feel the mist on my face. Plus, I would love to drive on over to Canada. Maybe I'll do that one next year. Go to the beach .  As a person who lived near the beach for 14 years of their life, I never liked the beach. I went to one in 2015 (the Bahamas) and fell in love with it. I want to go this year with Jude since he has never seen a beach (except in pictures).  Toes in Lake Erie .  I do not know how sanitary or legal it would be. I want to stick my toes in Lake Erie.  A trip to Washington, D.C .  I have not been in a while. I mainly want to sight-see. Monuments and museums all day every day. Cruise .  Not particular on where or how long. I j

October 2017 Television Renewals & Cancellations

Here we are again. About a month or two into the Fall premiere schedule, let's cross some fingers that we don't lose some lovely shows. Unfortunately, television networks care about rating and making money. I still wish all cancelled television shows had at least like an hour finale or a talk show-style episode with the writers to talk about what would have happened. I need closure! Anyways, we are now in November. 2017 is almost over! Let's see what we gained and lost in October. Cancellations Major Crimes (TNT) will end with the upcoming 6th season. The series finale airs January 16, 2018 Odd Mom Out (Bravo) Survivor's Remorse (STARZ) Being Mary Jane (BET) The Night Shift (NBC) Fashion Police (E!) Chelsea (Netflix) Zoo (CBS)  Playing House (USA) House of Cards (Netflix) will end after next year's 6th season. [Update 10/31: Production has been halted. It is unclear if the 6th season will air.] Renewals The Bold Type (Freeform) - Season 2 and 3 R