The Bachelor Season 21 - Week 8.

The end of the last episode ended with a bunch of unsure feelings from the ladies. I'm surprised that Kristina was sent home. I don't think that more girls will be sent home. I think that Raven or Corinne will go home this week. That's my bet. Let's see how it goes. I really want Vanessa to end up with Nick! 

Rose Ceremony (from week 7):

Received a Rose:
Corinne, 24, business owner, Miami, FL
Rachel, 31, attorney, Dallas, TX
Raven, 25, fashion boutique owner, Hoxie, AR
Vanessa, 29, special education teacher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Four left.

Week #8 Hometowns

Corinne, 24, business owner, Miami, FL

How did the hometown date go? First, they went shopping together. She went extreme shopping. In one shopping trip, she spent more than my college tuition. Now for a one-on-one lunch and talk. Oh! Here are the I love yous! Of course, Nick didn't say it. Meeting her mom, her sister Taylor, her dad, and Raquel! 

Do I think she will make it to the final two? I don't like Corinne. I have never really liked Corinne. I just don't think she is mature enough for a relationship with a 36 year old man. Granted, Raven is only a year older than her... Raven acts way more mature than Corinne. I think that she will go home tonight. I don't think Nick could handle it.

Rachel, 31, attorney, Dallas, TX

How did the hometown date go? First, they went to church together. Next some one-on-one time together to talk about their day and their life together. Her dad cannot attend the family meeting. Meeting her mom, her younger sister Heather, her cousin Andrea, her older sister Constance, her brother-in law, her nephew Allister. Great conversation. No I love yous.

Do I think she will make it to the final two? I know that Rachel is the Bachelorette. So we know that she won't win. I definitely think/know she will be in the final three. Whether she goes home at the very end or the third person. I love their chemistry, but I'm not sure they could be together forever. As we know.

Vanessa, 29, special education teacher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

How did the hometown date go? First, they go to the school to meet Vanessa's students. They are making a scrapbook of Nick and Vanessa. A nice one-on-one chat before they meet her family. Her parents are divorced. They'll go to her mom's family first, then they will meet her father's. 15 loud Italian people = her mom's family. Now to meet Vanessa's dad. This was the worst hometown date. It was not good. No I love yous, though Vanessa has said it already in the past.

Do I think she will make it to the final two? I love Vanessa. I am rooting for her and Nick. I think this hometown went badly and there is a lot of things that need to be said... but, I think they have a great chemistry. Vanessa is always upfront with her feelings and keeps Nick honest. I am not sure how the rest of the episode will go. So, hopefully, she will stay and they will run off into the sunset together.

Raven, 25, fashion boutique owner, Hoxie, AR

How did the hometown date go? First, they went four-wheeling. They climbed up a grain bin to have a meaningful conversation. Then the police show up! It's her brother! Gotcha! Off to go mudding and then.. to get naked. Finally, time to spend time with her family. Her father is now cancer-free. Raven has cried a majority of the time. It was a very meaningful hometown visit. No I love yous.

Do I think she will make it to the final two? I think they have a very good connection and he has great chemistry with her. They have fun together and make each other happy. I think that her not saying I love you might not have helped the situation though when it comes to Nick deciding. I feel like she may make it to the final three though.

Who was sent home early: There was not anyone sent home this episode.

Those who were sent home: Samesies.

Some Thoughts/Questions I Had During Tonight's Episode:

  • I think it was really sweet that Nick wanted to make sure everyone was still in this. It really takes two people to have a relationship. And complete love and understanding of each other.
  • Oh shit. Racism?
  • These hometown dates don't look like they are going to go well.
  • I love hometowns because it shows how they really are and where they come from. Like when it comes to nature v. nurture. 
  • First we go to Arkansas!
  • Nick looks really turned on by Raven's southern charm.
  • That's one way to meet a brother. haha!
  • All I can think about is alligators and leeches and gross bugs. 
  • They are kissing in a swamp lake. Gross.
  • Raven has only brought one other guy home. How sweet!
  • HER DAD IS CANCER-FREE. crying everywhere.
  • I always love when the parents/siblings break off and have one-on-ones with the women and the Bachelor (or men and Bachelorette).
  • Raven didn't tell him that she is falling for him. I wonder how this will affect her standing. Because I've seen it where they didn't say "I love you" and they got sent home.
  • Now off to Texas to meet Rachel's family!
  • I'm hoping race doesn't make this hometown visit hateful or horrible. I get it that they are both two different races, but that doesn't mean they can't be happy together and in love. Their skin color doesn't divide them. Their attitude or personality can though. If Nick is a racist, I pretty much feel like his likability will decline drastically.
  • Nick has never seriously dated a black girl. Rachel has never seriously dated a white guy. I think they are just girls and guys, but what do I know?
  • This okra conversation though.
  • "You are a white"
  • Oh okay. Thanks preview. Twist the conversation to make Nick sound racist as fuck.
  • Nick is hitting it off perfectly with his mom. She may not act like she's super impressed, but she was definitely impressed. IMO.
  • I really like Rachel. I'm bummed that she doesn't end up with Nick because I really like her. But I guess she's the Bachelorette now... so. She hopefully will find love elsewhere.
  • Off to the third location. Miami! with Corinne!
  • "I'm trying on sweatpants that are $800. But don't worry. the shirt is only $650."
  • I could never go shopping and spend this much money. If I ever become a millionaire... Target shopping and prices.
  • I feel like if I was on The Bachelor... I would wait to say I love you until after hometowns. My family is crazy. I love them, but if he still likes me after that, then I'd say it. Not before!
  • Halfway done!
  • Her dad seems instantly to disapprove.
  • I think it's funny that she hated Taylor on the Bachelor... and her sister is also named Taylor.
  • I didn't know that Corinne was Greek!
  • They've been dating for a month and a half? Isn't this week 8? Isn't that two months? Can I not count?
  • The previews make it seem like it will be so dramatic, but it ends up being ... not.
  • Oh shit. Vanessa. Don't. Go. Home. I need you.
  • Side note: when will they announce the dancers for Dancing with the Stars this season! Geez. Can't wait!
  • FINALLY. Montreal!
  • I want to cry because her students are crying.
  • Oh my god. My heart. Her students are perfect.
  • Vanessa speaking French is so cool. I wish I was bilingual.
  • Her students approved. Crying everywhere.
  • 30 minutes left!
  • They are meeting Vanessa's mom's family. Aka 15 Italian people. It's like meeting my family!
  • Apparently, Vanessa and Nick haven't had "the talk".
  • Oh my god. Nick crying. 
  • I hope that if Vanessa and Nick end up together... I hope he moves to Montreal and blames it on Donald Trump.
  • Her brother has like slicked back ginger hair. It's like an Irish Guido. 
  • I think it's so sweet that Vanessa would 100% genuinely say yes to his proposal.
  • Her mom is concerned about her happiness. Waaaah. Loving families.
  • 15 minutes!
  • Say yes Vanessa's dad. 
  • He didn't say yes. My heart.
  • This hometown visit is going so bad. Mostly because of the family being protective.
  • Nick's smile talking about Vanessa. I love it. I hope she doesn't go home. I may actually cry.
  • He gave the blessing! Oh my god. Three bullet points later.
  • Oh. Vanessa's face. She is hurt.
  • Five minutes, ah!
  • What?! It isn't a conversation with Vanessa. What.
  • It's Andi! 
  • Oh shit.
  • Oh shit.
  • Oh shit.
  • There's only two more weeks left, guys.


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