June 2018 TV Cancellations & Renewals

May was a little heartbreaking. Hopefully June is better. This is pretty much how I start all of these blogs. The Summer is not big on premieres and cancellations (since most are cancelled in March/April/May). So here's to hoping.


  • Legion (FX) - Season 3
  • 3% (Netflix) - Season 3
  • Younger (TV Land) - Season 6
  • 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) - Season 3
  • Atlanta (FX) - Season 3
  • Succession (HBO) - Season 2
  • Vida (STARZ) - Season 2
  • Lucifer (previous FOX, now Netflix) - Season 4
  • Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (FOX) - Season 2
  • The Terror (AMC) - Season 2
  • Dear White People (Netflix) - Season 3


  • Shadowhunters (Freeform) - Remainder of season will premiere in Spring 2019
  • People on Earth (TBS)
  • The Opposition with Jordan Klepper (Comedy Central)
  • Timeless (NBC) - Considering a movie-length episode finale episode
  • Nobodies (TV Land) 
  • Famous in Love (Freeform)
  • Ghosted (FOX)
  • Six (History)
  • Champions (NBC)

** ABC will replace Roseanne on its fall schedule with a spinoff series, The Conners. The new sitcom will feature the entire cast of the previous series, minus Roseanne Barr.

I'm so happy that Lucifer and 13 Reasons Why are getting another season. Lucifer is really good and the fact that FOX cancelled it.... just ridiculous. They got sloppy. FOX cancelled a lot of great shows to make room on their schedule for new things. It caused a lot of people to get angry and other networks to pick up what they dropped. These networks are the real MVPs. Also, I like 13 Reasons Why, but there's just always this undying feeling when I watch it that I wish they could like.... have gone back and saved Hannah Baker. It genuinely bums me out.

I'm bummed about Shadowhunters, Timeless, Famous in Love, and Ghosted. Shadowhunters has never been over-the-top fantastic, but I've watched it since the beginning and I'm dedicated at this point. I'm happy they prolonged this season and that they're doing a two part finale to wrap it up. Timeless IS SO GOOD and it keeps getting cancelled. It sucks. It truly deserves at least one more season and one two-hour finale to wrap up the storyline. I'm hoping they at least get that finale. Famous in Love was horrible, but I loved it. Bad acting. Drama. The whole she-bang. I was hoping it would get another season at least. Of course not. Last but not least, Ghosted... It was not good really either, but I love Adam Scott and the dude from Hot Tub Time Machine. I figured it would be cancelled. Still bummed about it though.

What shows are you happy/bummed about?


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