Life Update 6/13/18

Hi busy bees! This is Dori here, updating you on my life. So buckle up, buttercups.

There really hasn't been much change since May! So I graduated with my master's degree. The debt I have is scary. Education is great, but, HOT DAMN, it is not free. Next stop: doctorate?

I got a full-time job! I'm a shift supervisor at Rite Aid. It's rough working 40 hour weeks but it's been a month and I've learned so much! I close for the first time by myself tomorrow and I'm nervous and excited to be on my own (+cashiers). I get paid decent and my store manager and assistant manager are the coolest. I often forget I'm at work and feel like I'm working on a project with some friends. I just wish we were allowed to utilize social media. Because it's the nicest Rite Aid with so many products, especially liquor.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet/the same. We are going to start kicking butt on the remodel of our house. We have some things we want to change and update/work on: the deck, the floors, touch-up paint, remodel both bathrooms, make a gazebo/fire pit area, cut down trees, etc. The list is never-ending. Of course. I'm excited to start knocking it out.

What's new with you?


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