Hello, strangers. I miss you all. I've been absent. Absent from the blog. Mostly absent from social media. Absent from friends. Absent from life.

I have been busy and my life is becoming a blur. My body isn't used to this new routine of waking up early, working long hours, lifting, walking around 5 miles a day, and so on. My body doesn't like it. My brain is exhausted beyond belief. It's been less than a month since I graduated with my master's and got a full-time job. I love my job, but I've yet to settle into a routine. I feel like I'm drowning. How will I have time to exist?!

This has caused me to be super absent from many aspects of my life. I hate it. I like to have balance. I'm lacking so much balance. I love my job. I love blogging. I love my friends and family. I love it all, but I'm in a weird funk of hectic mess.

I'll figure it out eventually...

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