Life Update: 5/7/2018

The first part of my life update is to let you know that I got Ben and Jerry's ice cream on my 8 button and now I'm incredibly sad because it's sticky. Now let's get onto the actual update since my addiction to non-dairy delicious ice cream is not really an update. It's a constant.

Let's see...

Since April, I've had a lot of ups and downs in every aspect of my life. The week of my surgery was rough. My stepfather had a seizure at home (which in the last month... we have found out that no one can figure out why). It was the scariest situation because I've never had to call 9-1-1 before for a medical emergency and I felt completely helpless. Thankfully, he's okay now. A few days after that, I had surgery on my nose. It was gross and maybe one day I'll write a blog about the process. It happened on April 13th (Friday the 13th, woo!). I had a septoplasty, biturbinate reduction, and something to do with a concha bullosa. I have no idea what really any of these are except for the septoplasty. My septum was so deviated that I was not getting any air in my right nostril for the most part. It was blocking my Eustachian tube and my sinuses. It was kind of crazy that I never had anything done before this. It's been almost a month and I still have disgusting boogers coming out of my nose and scabbing. My follow-up appointment is tomorrow and I hope he can make it stop. Somehow. Magic. I don't care.

I took my final comprehensive exam for my Master's degree. Let me preface this with: I've worked my ass off. After I had Jude, I got a burst of motivation. I made straight A's in undergraduate from that point on. I graduated in May 2016 with my bachelor of science degree. The following week, I started my Master's degree. I worked my ass off. I spent a lot of effort-filled long nights on assignments, exams, papers, you name it. I'm graduating with a 4.0 GPA. But, did you know that I almost didn't graduate?

Yep, I almost didn't graduate. In the program I'm in, you take all of your courses and (in your final semester) you take a comprehensive exam. You receive study guides approximately 1-2 months prior to the exam. They are loosely based on what questions you will get. When you take your test, you take it on your laptop because it is a written [typed] exam. You receive 4-6 questions for each section and must answer 3 of each section. You have two sections to choose from, but the catch is that you picked those sections far before you ever received a study guide so you don't know really which will be your strong suit. You kind of have to hope that you're really good in that area. There's only two of us graduating this semester. We chose research methods (which I love research and paper-writing) and ethics (because I knew what he expected and therefore it was easy). We sat down and took our exams... submitted them hours later. The next morning, we both received our results.... we passed our ethics section. We failed our research section. Our only feedback for the rewrite (which you're only allowed one rewrite) was to expand further on two of our questions. We were heartbroken. I cried like a baby. Everyone was shocked. I spent the entire day alternating between crying and being completely unmotivated to exist. I spent hours making a puzzle just so I would be distracted. The next day, Sydnee and I discussed what we could do to make our exams better. And we rewrote them and [terrifyingly] submitted it. The next day, we waited. I refreshed my email probably six thousand times. I'm surprised my phone didn't die from how much I kept my email open and refreshed it. Finally, at around 4pm, we got the email that we both passed the research section. Now I can unnecessarily put "M.S." behind my name. On Saturday, I'll graduate with my Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Now what? What will I do now that I'm done with school and the semester is over so no more adjunct instructing?! Well, if you didn't know already, I'm drowning in medical bills. And if you didn't know already, Jude starts school in August. And if you also didn't know already, I just bought a house. Now that you're caught up... I have to get a job. I've applied at probably 20-40 different places. Not a single one contacted me except for Rite-Aid (who was bought by Walgreens, by the way). It's for a Shift Supervisor position and it's super close to my house (like painfully close... I can hit a rock at Rite-Aid and it would bounce off the wall and hit my car). I had an interview this past Saturday and it went really well. It was really laid-back but structured and I realized early on that "I've got this!". They called me this morning and told me that I would receive a phone call from the district manager for a phone interview. I'm nervous for it because district managers (that I've talked to in the past at least) are generally really stiff and eat and breathe the company so if you say one wrong thing, it could genuinely destroy any hopes of getting the job. I did hear from the assistant manager that he is kind of like that but also somewhat laid-back. I'm hoping it goes well. I've been waiting for the call for a few hours now. I really hope I get this job and can start next week. It would be an extra $1500-2000 per month for my family.... I can finally pay off some debts, start saving some money, and really get a move on this renovation process. We are trying to update our house. Not to mention, Jude starts school in August (no idea where but he is). I'm sure there will be a bunch of supplies required, plus sports, plus who knows what else will be thrown our way. Field trips, t-shirts, etc. I'm mentally preparing myself for the amount of money I'll have to send with Jude.

Once my final grades are posted, I'm applying for a doctorate program. I'm really nervous and I am terrified for this potential next step in my life. It wouldn't start until probably June or July 2019, which is okay because it gives me a year off to relax and work. I guess I'll let you guys know if I get accepted or not. If I don't get accepted into the program, then I guess I'll have to reaccess my plan because it's the only criminal justice doctoral program that really seems like it would fit my life.

This life update is really long and hefty, but there's so much going on. Over the next month, there's a lot happening. This week, I have seriously something planned each day, except Wednesday. Wednesday is Jude's 4th birthday! I may have a job by the end of the week. I see New Found Glory in June for the bazillionth time. Okay, maybe like 4th or 5th time? I don't know. I've lost count. They're playing with Bayside (who I've also seen a bunch) so I'm very excited. There's a few other things happening this month, but you probably don't care about those.

Thanks for reading! See you next month! Did anything cool happen in your life in the last month? Let me know in the comments below.


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