March 2018 TV Show Cancellations & Renewals

Marchin' right on into April. We are almost at the end of the Winter television show run and at the beginning of the Spring television show run. Summer is only a few months away. I found a lot of good television shows this Fall/Winter, but unfortunately, there's been a lot of crappy ones too. It seems like a lot of shows want to achieve that 30 minute sitcom perfection that my generation and prior grew up loving. It's apparently harder to achieve than you think because so many keep getting cancelled. Here's what made the cut.


  • The Good Doctor (ABC) - Season 2
  • Schitt's Creek (Pop) - Season 5
  • Black Mirror (Netflx) - Season 5
  • The Wall (NBC) - Season 3
  • Power (Starz) - Season 6
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
  • The Bachelor (ABC)
  • Child Support (ABC)
  • America's Funniest Home Video (ABC)
  • Travelers (Netflix) - Season 3
  • The Sinner (USA) - Season 2
  • Will & Grace (NBC) - Season 11
  • Hollywood Game Night (NBC) - Season 6
  • Queer Eye (Netflix)
  • Nailed It! (Netflix)
  • Drug Lords (Netflix)
  • One Day at a Time (Netflix) - Season 3
  • Seal Team (CBS)
  • S.W.A.T. (CBS)
  • Roseanne (ABC) - Season 11


  • The Librarians (TNT) 
  • Young & Hungry (Freeform)
    *** Will have 10 more episodes and a movie***
  • Beyond (Freeform)
**The CW will pull newcomer Life Sentence from its schedule after next week's 5th episode. While the remaining episodes will air (on Fridays) later in the spring, the move suggests cancellation is imminent.

Honorable Mentions

I heard The Librarians was amazing so I'm shocked to see it go! I knew Young and Hungry would probably be cancelled, but I am so so so so happy they are going to wrap it up. The final 10 episodes of season 5 have been held hostage for a year or so! It's been a hot minute. I haven't watched season 2 of Beyond but season 1 was pretty good. And last but not least, I haven't watched Life Sentence yet but it's on my list to watch. I was really excited about this new Lucy Hale show because the premise seemed awesome but it does look like it will be cancelled with the way the CW is moving it.... granted, it is The Original's last season ever and that is what is replacing Life Sentence's time slot. 

The renewals list was fantastic this month though. I love The Good Doctor, Dancing with the Stars, (sometimes) The Bachelor, and Will & Grace. The Sinner was a great first season and I loved it, but it was meant to be a mini-series based off of the book of the same name. Unfortunately, they renewed it again and I'm not sure how they will continue it on. Another shocking who-dunnit?


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