The New House: Before

We bought a house!!!

It is perfect for what we need. We are essentially two households into one house. It's hard to find something is together but separate. We did it though! It's in a good area. It's in the school district I wanted for Jude. It's near delicious food and fun shops. It's seriously everything we wanted (well, Caleb wanted a sauna).

We are in the process right now of cleaning and painting and changing a few things here and there. We are also remodeling the master bathroom upstairs. I wanted to show you guys a little bit of the remodel, but it isn't done yet and probably won't be for another week or two.

But for the difference to make a difference (ha)... you need to see the before. Please do not stalk me.

We have a garage (yay!!) and it's a mid-entry so the splitting aspect is easier. The stairs to the house (and in the house) aren't horrible compared to where we are now.

Living room (upstairs)

Dining room



Jude's room

Jude's playroom/guest bedroom (there will be a futon for guests)

Master bedroom

Master bathroom


Downstairs living room

Downstairs kitchen

Downstairs bathroom

Downstairs bedroom (beautiful, right)

Office downstairs

Back deck/backyard

So, that's all you need to see. Give me a few weeks and I'll show you the change! It'll probably amaze you. We've started painting and it's like a night and day difference.


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