Living in the Past

I'm guilty of it. I know others who are guilty of it. I'm sure you may be guilty of it. 

Here's a test if you are guilty of it. 
Do you ever think about how your body looked in high school or prior to a life event (marriage, child, etc.)? 
Do you ever think about friends you have lost over the years? 
Do you think about how great the old days were? 
Do you ever think about all the fun things you used to do as a child? 
How happy you used to be?
How carefree life used to be?
Do you ever wish you could go back to your youth or high school?

If you answered "yes" to 3 or more of those questions, you may live in the past more than the average person. 

I'm definitely guilty of it, probably more so than the average bear. I think about how I used to be thin in high school and prior to high school. Before I had my son, I weighed 30 lbs. less than I do now and I didn't have mom belly. I think about the friends I've lost over the years and how I would love to do something to rekindle the friendship or apologize. I think about how carefree life used to be, but of course, that was before bills, marriage, and having a child. Sometimes, I do want to go back to high school. I had a good experience in high school. I was not nearly as stressed or depressed. I had friends. I felt healthy. This is a vast difference than how I feel now. 

I think that is where the problem lies when you live in the past. You spend waste time thinking about the old days instead of creating better new days. Instead of moping about how skinny I used to be, I should change it and work hard to realize self-love and a healthy lifestyle. Instead of thinking of how carefree life used to be, I could minimize the amount of stress in my life. Instead of thinking of all the friends I lost and how to rekindle the friendships, I could do two things: I can reach out to old friends and/or I can make new friends.

Living in the past should not be the focus of my brainpower. I should use my energy and brain to put into effect a life change and a brain shift. Unless a time machine is created, there is no way to return to the past. I can only make a better, brighter future. I hope you leave the past where it belongs. I hope you find a happy future to look forward to. You can create it, one step at a time. 

Sending all my love to you, bees.


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