Life Update: 3/5/18

Hi guys! Here's my monthly life update. Let's break this down now.

Graduate School
I'm in my last semester of graduate school. I'll have a master's degree in like... 2 months. Isn't that crazy? It's only going to be my girl, Sydnee, and I graduating from the program this semester. I've been trying to stay 1-2 weeks ahead of my homework. I haven't even made my study guide for my comprehensive exam. That's the big wall in between my degree and I. I only have 2 months to prepare for that.

Mental Health
I have not started a new anti-depressant yet. My doctor wants to fix my stomach issue before we move on to another issue. I totally understand that. I honestly have felt better now that I've started my treatments for some of my medical problems. Perhaps once I get through surgeries and my other problems get remedied, then my mental health will be better.

General Health
So I have a surgery in April. I had a head CT done. My septum is very deviated. It's blocked my sinus cavity and causing issues with my Eustachian tube on that side. I'll essentially have my nose broken. Fun. So much fun. I'm just looking forward to the after. In that CT, we also saw that my TMJs are not the correct shape. I don't know how my TMJ specialist will react to that or how my treatment may change. I have a HIDA scan on Thursday for my gallbladder. My PCP thinks that there may be something going on there and that it is causing my other abdominal issues. I'm somewhere between hoping that I have something show up on my scan just so that I know the problem and know how to fix it.

We bought a house!!! You may have seen my previous blog post about it, but we bought a house. It's in South Hills. I'm very happy to move there full-time. We have been spending the last few days painting and remodeling. My muscles are incredibly sore. The house looks so different just with some paint. We move in on Saturday. I cannot wait to get out of the house we live in now. I cannot fucking wait. I wish I could share the feelings of happiness I have about this house. I just wish there was a word for it. It's beyond bliss.

Jude and Caleb and Everyone Else
Jude is excited to start school in August. If the teacher strikes ever gets remedied (F U Senate), then he can go. He is seriously ready to go. I'm happy that he'll make some friends and I'll have some mommy time before I start my doctorate. He's medically sound, minus this darn stomach issue he's had the last few days. Caleb is doing well. Still working two jobs. Still alive. Still medically sound. Still a jerk sometimes. Still my other half. He actually started weight-lifting. He's lost weight incredibly easily (in comparison to me at least, thanks PCOS). Mom and Craig have surgeries coming up. It's been rough medically in our household. That's for sure. Hoping once we move and have some life changes... then maybe we will stop getting sick.


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