When does life give you a break?

As a child, I felt like my days were long. They felt like they would last forever. I had so much time in my day to attend school, play outside, do my homework, watch MTV music video in the morning, watch Toonami or whatever was good at night, play video games, and read a whole book. All in one day!

As an adult, I struggle to manage to fit everything into one day. I find it hard to do multiple tasks into one day. By the evening, I am exhausted. My day felt an hour long but drained a year of energy out of me. I just want one day to do absolutely nothing! I understand... I'm a parent, a teacher, a student, a wife, and a few other roles.

When will I ever get a break?

How do you master the game of life you ask? You don’t. No one really wins but no one really loses either. It’s so filled with ups and downs that even on the highs you’ll hit the lows. It’s so damn complicating and infuriating playing a game you are not going to completely dominate.

But you know what?

You've got this. Life is hard. Life is stressful. Life is busy. But, you've got this! Do what you can. Do the best you can. You've. Got. This. How do I know? Because I do. I’ve always been the person who believes we all have a purpose.

You can achieve a break by getting into the habit of time management. Plan what you have to get done in a day and be as productive as you can. Then have a dedicated "me" day once a week. This day could be catching up on what you missed on Hulu this week. It could be sleeping in. Whatever! You need to have some "me" time. You deserve a break. Life is unfair, but it doesn't mean that you can't catch a break.


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