Groundhog Day 2018!

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Every February 2nd, a groundhog crawls out from his home and tells the world about the weather. It's an interesting concept that America and two other countries follow. As a child, I treated Groundhog Day as a true holiday. As an adult, I google it, if I realize the date, and see what prediction he had. 

Legend has it if a furry rodent casts a shadow on Groundhog Day to expect six more weeks of winter-like weather. If not, expect spring-like temperatures. Historically, when the German colonists arrived, there were no badgers in the East, so they drafted the groundhog to do the prognosticating. The idea was that if there was sun and warmth that the groundhog would return to their home. 

This year's prediction: SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER!

Talk about a bummer. I'm missing those warm temperatures, especially today. There's snow outside. Yuck! Can't Phil move to Miami? There's bound to be sun there.


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