i've loved you for five years

It was December 30th, 2012. It was a snowy winter in Connecticut. There were two travelers. Both were young. Both had a damaged past, but both had bright eyes that looked forward to the future. There was a blank page ahead of them, ready to be written.

But, why is this date the turning point in their story? The point the acts like a catalyst... the point that is the motivation behind the writer's hand, the carpenter's hammer, the chef's spoon... the point that is the driving force for the rest of their story. This was the day the travelers communicated a simple message to each other that would change their path forever. 

This was the day that they each said, "I love you". 

I love you, Caleb. Here's to five more years of I love yous. Even when you get mad at me for waking you up early. Even when you drive me absolutely bonkers. Even when love is the farthest thing from my mind because we are so angry. The paths we have traveled have been long and windy, but I'm glad I get to travel them with you.

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