December 30th: Dear You

Today is December 30th. The day after tomorrow is 2018. Isn't that nuts? I feel like we just started this year and we're already saying goodbye. The days go by like hours. The months go by like days. Our lifetime passes so quickly that we miss out on simple things.

Do you feel like electronics are taking away the way we communicate and express thoughts? When is the last time you have talked on the phone? When is the last time you have written a letter by hand? There is a little joy that a person feels when they receive mail (that is not a bill). It is becoming slightly archaic due to the rapid changes in technology.

Today's task: Post on social media. Ask for addresses. Write pen pal letters. Talk about your day. Talk about your favorite books. Your favorite quotes. A story.  Write it and mail it. Stick that stamp on it and let it go.

Extra: I have been doing these tasks alongside you guys (minus maybe one or two because I'm human and get busy too). This one, I'm doing though. Here's a link to my postable. It collects addresses for me so I can send out letters. Don't judge as mine will most likely be typed by a typewriter.


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