December 29th: DVR

Today is December 29th. There's only a few days left until 2018. How will you be spending your last days of 2017? I'll be catching up on Doctor Who, blogging a lot, and other miscellaneous things.

I watch a lot of television. If that's one thing you can gather from my social media accounts and my blog, it's that I watch way too much television. I have a long list of television shows that I follow. I watch most of this on Hulu or other apps. I do have to record some shows on my DVR. Some people may not even have cable, especially with most people streaming nowadays.

Today's task: Clean out your DVR. Whether that means removing shows you haven't seen or removing shows that you don't want to see (but for some reason recorded), remove them. Narrow it down. Watch the ones that are waiting to be watched. Don't have a DVR? Do you have a list of shows that you've been putting off watching? Or a list of movies? Cross them off! Spend a day and just catch up on it.


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