What's Leaving Netflix in August 2017?

Today is August 7th. There's a bunch of titles that have already been removed from Netflix, but there's a ton more to come. Unfortunately, it was announced that Netflix is in debt. Hopefully, there will be a revamp and a way to save Netflix. Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are kicking Netflix's butt lately. Nonetheless, here's all the titles leaving Netflix in August 2017. Most left prior to August 7th so they were not mentioned since it's already passed.

August 9th

  • The Five Venoms

August 10th

  • Dope

August 11th

  • Four Blood Moons
  • Jesus People: The Movie
  • Patch Town
  • Two Days, One Night
August 14th

  • Drones
  • Food Matters

August 15th

  • 1992: Berlusconi Rising (1 Season)
  • American Dad! (Remaining 4 Seasons)
  • Changing Seas (Seasons 3-6)
  • Close Quarter Battle (1 Season)
  • Desperate Hours (1 Season)
  • El sexo d├ębil (1 Season – 120 episodes)
  • The New Frontier (1 Season)
  • Spooksville (1 Season)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries (1 Season)

August 22nd

  • CSI: NY (Last Season)
  • Explore TV (Season 1)

August 23rd

  • The Summer of Sangaile

August 24th

  • Gun Woman

August 25th

  • October Gale
  • Paratodos
  • The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq

August 28th

  • Revenge: Seasons 1-4

August 30th

  • The League: Seasons 1-7

August 31st

  • Space Warriors

I'm bummed about The League since I haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet... I loved Revenge. Hopefully, it'll move to Hulu or something because that show was good! And more of American Dad is being taken away. My heart.


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