I need your help! I need your assistance! As you know, Fall and Winter are coming. I want to make the rest of the year really special for my husband and son. There are some adventurous activities to partake in in my area (that I know about).


  • Hawk's Nest
  • Pumpkin Festival in Milton, WV
  • Gritt's Farm, near Eleanor, WV
That is all I can think of! Last year, we went to a haunted trail near Lewisburg, WV. It was alright, but I want to do some other Halloween-esque activities. Any corn mazes elsewhere? Good haunted houses? 

Please comment below, email me a list (, or tweet them to me @wildasthesea. 

They don't have to necessarily be Halloween or Fall themed. They can be simply places that you recommend to go! Keep in mind, I'll probably have Jude (3) with me at most of what you suggest, so family friendly places are best! Though maybe I'll get some mommy time. 

Anyways, thanks in advanced!


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