When does a person give up on a friend?

I asked this question on Twitter today:
"When is the breaking point that you stop being friends with someone?"
I have had a lot of friends over the years. Unfortunately, that is the worst part of moving around a lot as a child and young adult. Things change. People grow older. People move away. People change their priorities. Though friends were once the most important thing in a person's life,  it slowly becomes work, financial aspects, and family. So how does a person balance this?

The answer? It takes strong time management skills and balance. A happy life always requires balance. An efficient life always requires time management. Spending your entire life working allows other parts of it to suffer. Spending your entire life focusing on friends can allow your financial aspect to suffer. Therefore, it takes balance. Finding balance is hard. It is more difficult than you would probably think.

So how does this relate to my tweet? The only response I received:
"When you reach the point of putting more effort into the friendship than they do."
This is true on many levels. Why spend your life pining after a person who does not want to put effort into being your friend? Why try really hard to keep reconnecting with a person who continuously turns you down? There is a point where you just have to say "no more". You have to give up trying and fighting for something. It's similar to a romantic relationship. If the other person does not want to put the effort into the relationship, why should you continue to internally hurt over their lack of it?

Of course, there is always the type of friend who is just busy. A person who has their priorities slightly out of wack or they are just overwhelmed. This person does exist. They may let their friendship slide by without noticing. They are trying to juggle everything. I repeat, b a l a n c e. It's important. Another suggest is c o m m u n i c a t i o n. Communication is important when it comes to these situations. Verbalize or inform the other party of your internal struggle. They don't know how you feel unless you express it to them. They are not mind-readers. Their response may fix the situation or it may show you that it indeed is a toxic relationship/friendship and needs to end.

Until next time.


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