Update on Goals and Resolutions for 2017 (05/2017)

Goals and Resolutions for 2017
  • Marathon/RunI would like to either run in a marathon or a fun-run type activity. I am not good at running or walking for that matter, so that is one thing I'd like to do in 2017.
  • Niagara FallsThe farthest north I have ever been is Connecticut. I would love to travel to Niagara Falls and just feel the mist on my face. Plus, I would love to drive on over to Canada. Maybe I'll do that one next year.
  • Go to the beachAs a person who lived near the beach for 14 years of their life, I never liked the beach. I went to one in 2015 (the Bahamas) and fell in love with it. I want to go this year with Jude since he has never seen a beach (except in pictures). 
  • Toes in Lake ErieI do not know how sanitary or legal it would be. I want to stick my toes in Lake Erie. 
  • A trip to Washington, D.CI have not been in a while. I mainly want to sight-see. Monuments and museums all day every day.
  • CruiseNot particular on where or how long. I just want to go on another cruise so bad. The most extreme form of relaxation is a cruise.
  • Meditate daily. 
  • Blog consistently.
  • Create a fragrance free bath bomb recipe. I am allergic to fragrances, but I like the idea of bath bombs. I want to create a fragrance free recipe and make a bunch to put on an etsy shop.
  • Learn to dance. Take a dance class, even if it is just once or consistently. It is something I have always wanted to learn to do.
  • Make a recipe book (or e-book). I want to collect a bunch of my favorite recipes or the recipes I use most into an easy-to-use book or e-book. 
  • Learn how to play chess. 
  • Write a letter for every moment of Jude's life. This sounds very morbid, but I have watched two movies where the parent writes a letter for every moment in their life in case they miss it. I like the idea because you never know what may happen. Morbid, I know.
  • Improve my memory.
  • Fix my sleeping schedule and improve my quality of sleep.
  • Survive this year of graduate school. If I can survive this year, then I only have one semester left in 2018!
  • Buy a sudoku puzzle book and finish the entire thing.
  • Complete a puzzle with more like 300 pieces.
  • Go hiking. 
  • Read every book I own.
  • Eat fewer calories (and lose 15-20 lbs).
  • Learn self-acceptance. I want to accept myself as I am and feel comfortable in my own skin. 
  • Volunteer.
  • Donate to a charity.
  • Spa day. I would like to have one day in 2017 where I get pampered and rejuvenated. 
  • Get organized. We moved in November 2016. We have mostly unpacked, but I want to organize myself. I guess "spring clean" to the extreme. I want to feel settled, organized, and at home.
  • The 365-Day Happiness Challenge
  • Quit smoking.
  • Earn more money. Whether it means getting a new job, selling items on Etsy, or spending less money on frivolous stuff (and therefore somewhat earning more, right?), I want to have more money in 2017 to enjoy life. 
  • Bring Jude to somewhere fun and interesting once a month at least. Whether it is the Clay Center in Charleston, West Virginia or bowling, I want him to have a fun childhood. We have fun together at home, but sometimes we need to get out and enjoy what the world has. 
  • Landscape. The house we are trying to buy has a bit of a landscaping need. I want to landscape the yards. I think it would be a fun, different adventure. Even if we can't afford this house in the end, I am sure the house we DO buy will need a little TLC in the yard area. 
  • Buy a house. 
  • Wake up earlier. Earlier than 10 A.M.
  • Invest in more 'professional' clothes.
  • Save money. $10 per week put into a mason jar. That will be $20 per paycheck. At the end of the year we will have $520 to go on vacation or put into a savings account.
  • Stretch daily. It is good for your muscles!
  • Learn how to make a signature cocktail.
  • Learn about a country I have always wanted to know about. And I'll post what I learn here on the blog! Maybe I will do a few different countries...
  • One month without caffeine or soda. I do not drink soda regularly. I'll have a sip every now and then if Caleb (my husband) has one, but I do eat chocolate pretty regularly... and drink coffee.
  • Go hunting. Embracing my environment so to speak.
  • Go zip-lining.
  • Create a photo album of 2016.
  • Update my resume.
  • Make a compilation video at the end of the year summing up what I did, learned, and experienced in 2017 to watch or share years down the road.
  • Attend a concert/show.
  • Get a new tattoo. Because fourteen of them is not enough.
  • Attend an open mic night.
  • Wine tasting or beer sampling. I do not like beer, but it is a new year to try new things, right?


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