The Bachelor Season 21 - Week 9 (Part Two) & Women Tell All

Last week, we enjoyed getting rid of Corinne as well as one of the fantasy suite dates. I'm 99% sure that Rachel goes home tonight. Tonight, there is a three hour event. The first two hours will be the last two fantasy suite dates (and probably the rose ceremony since next week is the finale!). And then final hour will be the "women tell all" special. I always love the "tell all" specials because they give a little inkling of what the girls are doing now and their feelings since the ending of the show. You have to remember that the girls are seeing Nick for the first time in months, considering the show wrapped around November/December. I cannot wait for the finale. So continue on to find out what happens! This blog post will be a little less structured than the past ones since there's so much going on (but also not a lot going on!).

The End of Raven's Date

  • I forgot how adorable her I Love You was.
  • They had sex. And it was good. Raven said she is satisfied. 
  • Cute montage of Raven skipping around and being cute because the night went so well.
  • She's really cute. The last three episodes definitely made me appreciate Raven more as a person and I think that if she does end up with Nick... I would be okay. I would be happy for them. They are adorable. It's that adorable puppy love.

Rachel's Fantasy Date

  • Rachel is so cute. I'm glad she's the Bachelorette.
  • Cross-country skiing sounds so fun yet so terrifying.
  • Rachel wants to give her heart to Nick, but she is scared to be rejected. Obviously we know she goes home... but still.
  • Nick is definitely grabbing at her and they are going to fuuuuuuuuuuck tonight. (I know that seems slightly childish, but ... they have so much chemistry together).
  • Now they're riding on a reindeer sleigh. How freaking cool. "Saint Nick".
  • We have an I love you, humans. She said it.
  • Making out so hard now. And off to the fantasy suite.
  • They woke up cuddling and kissing and naked. They are so precious. My heart is sad that they do not end up together.

Vanessa's Fantasy Date

  • They are taking an ice bath! And then they go in the sauna... and then the ice bath... and a sauna. How weirdly awesome. More power to you, Vanessa.
  • They are so precious with their little hats on. I'm really into it. Everyone start wearing bathing suits and toboggans. 
  • I am legitimately cracking up at Nick during this ice bath experience.
  • "I can do anything"
  • Jacuzzi tub is probably better than an ice bath. I'm just saying.
  • Nick looks so uncomfortable with Vanessa during the conversation.
  • Vanessa said I love you to Nick! Hoorah! But Nick still looks uncomfortable.
  • Nick is concerned that they are too similar. I would think that would be a good thing considering they are both very honest humans and able to lay out their thoughts so the conflict wouldn't be horrible... because they are able to communicate.

Random Thoughts Throughout the Episode

  • Lapland, Finland is such a weird place to decide to visit. In my opinion.
  • I want to go skiing.
  • I'm so glad that Nick is going to be on DWTS because he's so awkward.
  • I wonder if anyone has ever said no to the fantasy suite.
  • I feel like I would say yes just for the extra time... not necessarily for sex but definitely the extra time.
  • I'm so scared that Rachel and Nick are going to end it tonight. 
  • They are starting to make Vanessa seem like a bitch in the previews. I guess since Corinne is out of the picture.
  • After the Vanessa's jacuzzi tub time, we are 1/4 of the way through the episode. I am confused why it is going by so quickly because I feel like the first hour could have been the entire episode. Maybe I was wrong and the last two hours are the girls tell all.
  • I watch everything with subtitles because I suck at hearing sometimes... and when people kiss, it has the subtitle [smooching].
  • This rose ceremony is essentially "I fucked you all and now I will send one of you home".
  • Whoever gets a rose this ceremony will meet Nick's parents as well as be the final two.
  • I'm hoping that I'm right and it is Raven and Vanessa... mostly because then it would be ruined if it was Rachel... Rachel obviously isn't engaged to him.
  • I was right. Also, him sending Rachel home was so sad. They are both crying hard and heartbroken. I don't think either of them were expecting this somehow (obviously Nick was in a way, but he was in love with her). Nick fucked up.
  • I guess the first hour was the episode and now two hours of bitching. See below for more details.

Rose Ceremony

Tonight, we say goodbye to our beloved Bachelorette, Rachel
She was fantastic on this season of the Bachelor. We fell in love with her beauty and strength. Now she is off to be the Bachelorette. I wish her love and happiness in whatever she does. We love you, Rachel. You broke the glass ceiling as far as Bachelor Nation goes. You are going to find love! Somewhere, somehow. Good luck being the Bachelorette!

Our Final Two



Women Tell All

  • Two hours of this. Two. Hours.
  • Crashing Bachelor viewing parties. Why don't you crash my solo party, Chris Harrison?
  • Jaimi. Liz. Elizabeth. Josephine. Lacey. Christen. Alexis. Dominique. Astrid. Hailey. Taylor. Sarah. Jasmine G. Danielle L. Corinne. Whitney. Danielle M. Kristina. These women are all here to dish.
  • The dolphin v. shark controversy was finally put to rest, everyone.
  • They are definitely wanting Corinne and Taylor go all out.
  • Josephine and Elizabeth are the only people who are truly backing Corinne.
  • Liz is now joining Chris in the hot seat. Liz holds her face like Lauren B. does. I know that doesn't really make sense, but if you compare their sass face, it's the same. 
  • Liz was portrayed as "the women who slept with Nick", but she is completely different. She is a smart woman who dedicates herself to volunteer work.
  • Taylor is now in the hot seat. Here comes Taylor and Corinne drama.
  • Everyone is attacking Taylor so hard. Corinne left and got champagne. I don't understand how and why everyone is being such a bitch about the situation. They both were acting like jerks and they both should apologize to each other. At least Taylor has sincerity towards the whole situation. I think it really has affected Taylor negatively. I feel for her. 
  • Corinne is now in the hot seat. Here comes "her side" of the story. 
  • Jasmine G. is trying to play Switzerland, but it is just really annoying.
  • I want to punch Corinne and Taylor.
  • Halfway through and I want to bang my head into any desk I can find.
  • What happened  to Taylor after the show I wonder...?
  • Raquel is pretty much the best person from this season. Just saying.
  • Update on the Taylor situation:
  • Corinne brought everyone cheese pasta. Isn't that macaroni and cheese?
  • Kristina is in the hot seat. I love her. She is so strong and profound. Her statement about living in black and white in Russia, but living in America is living in color. I'm so happy she shared her story and she spread awareness about Russia and being an orphan. Clapping and cheering from home.
  • Nick is out here in the hot seat now. Here comes some cla..rit...y?
  • Some of these women knew Nick for a whole week if not a whole month (some a little longer) and they are so upset STILL. And it's been months. I want to understand. 
  • The bloopers are the absolute best.
  • Rachel is our next Bachelorette and she is in the hot seat.
  • You guys need to watch this Women Tell All. At least the last 30 minutes of it. The first hour is drama. Then it's kind of meh for 30 minutes. Granted I watch it on my DVR so on Hulu will be less than that (since no commercials).
  • Can we just talk about how the current Bachelor and the next Bachelorette have had sex? I find this so interesting. I've never thought about that.
  • I hope Danielle M. goes to Paradise.
  • I want to know who Nick picks so bad.
  • Part of me feels like he's going to pick Raven as much as I want him to pick Vanessa.
  • Caleb (my husband) thinks he is going to pick Raven. He also is laughing hysterically at all and any bloopers. Don't let him fool you. He loves it.
Who do you think will win Nick's heart? Comment below! 


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