The Bachelor Season 21: Week 10 (The Finale!)

This is the story of a guy...

Who wants a lover and scoured the whole world
 And while he looked so smug in photographs
I absolutely love him, when he smiles

And here we are... the finale. The last episode followed by the update on how their life is going. I've said since the beginning that I thought it would be Vanessa. I think Raven is coming close though so who knows! Fingers crossed that someone gets proposed to since he said if he wasn't 100%, he wasn't going to propose. All the minor (and major!) details will be included below. 
So we started with 30 women. All with different facial features, likes, dislikes, and personalities. Nick has slowly sent them home. In this order:




Ida Marie

Jasmine B.

















Jasmine G.


Danielle L.

Danielle M.




And then the final two...

My initial reactions to both of these women were interesting. This is how I viewed their first encounters and their interviews.

Raven, 25, fashion boutique owner, Hoxie, AR

      She is from a tiny town (all they have is family, faith, and football). She has a fashion boutique owner. She loves being a business owner. It is amazing that she achieved her dreams. She is lonely and tired of being heartbroken.
     She walked up to Nick and taught him to "pig soey" because that is what they do when something exciting happens in Arkansas. The rest of America just posts about those things on Facebook. Nick did not seem to be feeling it, but who knows.

Vanessa, 29, special education teacher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

     This one is 100% Italian like my mother. I will like her a little more than every other one. She knows Italian, French, and English. She says she was put on this Earth to be a teacher and be a mother. She does not have kids... yet. She wants to see how far and hopes to be engaged to Nick.
     Vanessa commented on how much better he looks in person. Nick called her a keeper. The chemistry between these two were almost undeniable. Unfortunately, Corinne stole Nick from her to kiss him (which Vanessa wanted to do right when Corinne stole him).

Now onto the final episode...

  • Nick loves both of them and isn't sure who he wants at the beginning of the episode BTW.
  • Raven is the first family "date". 
  • This cabin is super freaking cute and I'm jealous. Can I be Nick's sister too?
  • Bella is MVP. 
  • Raven told Bella that she wouldn't like Vanessa. Savage.
  • Raven is so mature and precious and Southern girl. I have this feeling that Nick is going to pick her instead of Vanessa. Aggggggghhh.
  • Is it bad that I want to fast-forward to the end of the episode already? (Granted it hasn't premiered yet but I'm tempted - I'm only an hour behind)
  • I think that Nick's parents really liked Raven.
  • Now onto Vanessa's turn to the parents.
  • She seems to be doing really well with the parents except she's expressing her concerns and I don't know if that is making the parents uneasy. 
  • His parents love both of the women, but they are so afraid he will get rejected again.
  • His mom pretty much seems like she is on the Vanessa-train since Raven is willy-nilly okay with getting engaged.
  • I feel like when Ben went through this experience (or maybe JoJo) ... that they voted on who they liked the best. This episode does not give me that.
  • The women have met the parents... now to answer some final questions to listen to his heart.
  • Date with Vanessa is first. They're riding horses. And talking to Santa afterward. No big deal.
  • I love how sassy Vanessa is. Vasassa. 
  • The fact that Nick is not entirely ready to propose is NOT GOOD.
  • Ugh. Nick comforting Vanessa is so sweet and heartbreaking.
  • Raven and Nick are ice skating and it's hilarious.
  • They are so playful. They could easily be together and have fun. I just don't know if she could handle the hard blows that a relationship can create.
  • I'm definitely fast-forwarding this like crazy.
  • How is it possible that Raven is 100% ready yet it feels so like... bad? Like... oh shit. This bitch is 100% ready. Zero worries. Weird.
  • It's interesting how night and day Raven and Vanessa are about how they are handling this experience.
  • Poor Nick. You do you boo boo.
  • Neil Lane here with the diamond bling bling.
  • There's 30 minutes left (well, less. since I'm fast-forwarding).
  • Vanessa has such valid fears. I almost feel like Raven is less complicated.
  • The women are ready for the proposal.
Nick told Raven twice that she looked beautiful, and then Raven jumped in, asking Nick to hold her hands to calm her nerves. She recited the highlights of their romance, then reminded Nick that their ”easy love” was what her dad had always wanted for her. Despite Nick’s stoic facial expression, she professed, “I want you to know that I’m ready and I couldn’t be more sure, and that I love you.”

After a few moments of both of them looking increasingly uncomfortable, Nick trudged through a response, eventually landing on, “My heart’s somewhere else.” Voice breaking and trying not to cry, Nick opened up: “I feel like I’ve been so selfish trying to figure out where my heart is at, and you’ve been so selfless allowing me to do that. I’m sorry.” He is literally the most awkward person. Mumbling hard.

Slightly smiling, though definitely trying not to cry, Raven replied, “I’ll never regret standing here and telling you how I feel.”

For their last words before going in for a goodbye hug, Nick told Raven, “I’m going to miss you.” Raven nodded and said, “I know.”

Bitch yes. You tell him what he is missing out on. Raven better be on Paradise. She is pe/rfect. Or next Bachelorette. Slightly wish that Rachel wasn't Bachelorette so Raven has a chance as love. (Don't get me wrong, Rachel is going to be TIGHT!) Raven's dress was absolutely  gorgeous by the way.


Vanessa walks in with this gorgeous dress and outfit. Vanessa was concerned that Nick would just put a ring on her finger just to put a ring on her finger. Thankfully, that isn't the case. Nick immediately was overwhelmed by Vanessa's presence and started crying. Nick spoke first this time, telling Vanessa that he started falling in love with her at the second rose ceremony, and he’s fallen “more and more” ever since. “So much about me being here has to do with the past, but when I look at you, all I see is my future,” he ended, while Vanessa beamed and he fought tears of joy. She is beaming so hard.

I find it so interesting how in love they are with each other because we do not get to see all of the conversations they have together. I wish I could have seen it all. Is that weird? Vanessa then relived her emotions throughout the past few months, telling Nick she never thought he’d notice her, but “instead, you’ve noticed every part of me.” She recognized that it won’t always be easy, adding, “but I promise to remind you every day how happy you make me, and knowing how much you love to talk, I promise I’m ready to do a lot of listening.”

Then Nick got down on one knee and asked Vanessa, “Vanessa Grimaldi, will you marry me?” At that, a crying Vanessa responded, “Yes.” They ended the episode kissing (as seen below in my 4 year old taunting) and Nick gave her the final rose. "Yes I will. With all of my heart." They are absolutely cute together. I'm dying at how cute those last five minutes or so were.


So Vanessa and Nick are the ones to walk away together. 
Were you surprised? 
The Bachelorette returns Monday, May 22nd at 9/8c.

After the Rose

  • They claim there will be the most shocking announcement for Rachel Lindsay. Along with Rachel, there will be both Raven and Vanessa talking about their feelings now and of course Nick Viall.
  • Vanessa and Nick are still together. Fourth time was apparently the charm!
  • Out comes Raven to talk about her experience and feelings. Raven and Nick hugged so lets see what happens.
  • "I guess in that moment I didn't want you to think that anything that I had say wasn't the truth because it was I guess it was just trying to process what you were saying and being quiet was the best way to process it." - Raven. 
  • Raven 100% thought that she was going to be engaged. She was realistic that there was another woman, but she thought they would end up together. Raven is supportive of Nick and Vanessa's relationship and think they will get married soon.
  • Can Wells come back and fall in love with Raven?
  • We're back from commercial. Vanessa is sitting with Chris Harrison. Vanessa says this experience was hard and she wish she would have done her homework. They have a very open relationship, in terms of communication. Always honest with each other (which is good!). They've laid it all out on the table. It's hard though since they are in two different countries and everything. Also, they have had some knockdown dragouts.
  • Out comes our beloved Bachelor, Nick Viall, to smooch his fiance and sit next to her in the hot seat. 
  • They are looking for normalcy. They are hoping that Vanessa can move to the States. Nick starts DWTS next Monday. Vanessa and Nick are excited to start this chapter of their life. Nick doesn't think he'll make it far on DWTS.
  • They don't have any plans for marriage yet. They are still in the process of figuring out each other and moving in together. They'll let us know though!
  • Out comes our new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay (who looks more and more beautiful every time she comes out!)
  • Rachel is excited for night one. She can't wait to meet all the guys.
  • There's an epic surprise for Rachel Lindsay. They've never done this before. The Bachelorette starts right now. 
  • Rachel is meeting the guys! Right now! On LIVE TELEVISION! 
  • In case you weren't aware, since the Bachelorette comes back on May 22nd, that's 10 weeks from today.
  • Ready to meet the guys?! Well, some of them.
  1. Demario. He came out with Vegas tickets and an engagement ring. I like him. He's pretty.
  2. Blake. He is absolutely gorgeous. He's a hugger. Send him my way, Rachel!
  3. Dean. The crowd went crazy for him. "He's ready to go black and he's never coming back". I'm not too into him initially, but he made her laugh like crazy.
  4. Eric from Baltimore. He's corny. He's not my favorite. She's feeling him and dancing with him.
There's only four men announced/shown! They were interesting! Rachel is so excited. I hope Rachel finds love. I truly do. From that sneak peek, it seems like she's going to have some good looking class acts. Bachelorette Season 13 - May 22nd. The Twins: Happily Ever After - March 20th. Bachelor in Paradise - August 2017. See you until then, Bachelor Nation!


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