Eat Well Be Well Voxbox

I've been a part of the Influenster community for years now. They always send me interesting products that I get to try for free. Of course, I have to review the products a bunch, but I don't mind. In the past, I've received an air purifier, make-up, and other amazing products.

This time, I received the "Eat Well Be Well" Voxbox. A voxbox is what they call the boxes they send you in the mail that are full of products and/or coupons. This one focused on being healthy. It included a lot of healthy options, especially gluten free ones. I made a video on my YouTube channel (which I hope to use a little more and would like to use more videos in my blog posts). Note: I was incredibly sick with a sinus infection and cold. Don't judge the way I look or sound.

The big impression I had from this voxbox was the pretzels. Jude and my husband ate them like they were regular pretzels (not gluten free ones). They are both picky when it comes to gluten-free or lactose free or anything. I've slowly brought them over to the lactose free world (mostly because I'm lactose intolerant). But they were both impressed by these pretzels.

I received a coupon for Earth Balance butter. I was weary of trying it. I am SO impressed. This butter is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and plant-based. I don't know what I imagined it to taste like, but it is actually great. The consistency is a little less creamy than what normal butter is. Fortunately, the taste and use is worth it. It somehow cooks things better? I swear. I recommend the butter for sure. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? 
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